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Our experienced team will get on board with you to:

  • Take in your challenges and design a project tailored to your needs based on our model
  • Train on the spot or on the long run depending on needs ; we use neuroscience-based teaching method : 20% discovery, 10% theory, 70% practice
  • Coach individuals or teams
  • Audit all or part of your organization to analyze, diagnose and advise
  • Give conferences or lunch and learn sessions to open minds and provide key insights in a short time
  • Animate Team Building
  • Lead workshops on various themes to dig collectively and practically into specific issues about behaviors, mindset, emotions or motivations
  • Ensure a following through of programs’ knowledge enforcement through co-development sessions, reminder short sessions, e-learning solutions 

At what level do we leverage your resources?

We give very practical training, coaching and tools to help organizations in their specific situation, challenges and needs for better performance and well-being, at three levels:

  • Personal: fostering individual evolution and development to enhance personal performance and adaptation
  • Relational: improving communication, collaboration and collective intelligence to get the best out of teams or services
  • Organizational: diagnosing and improving the implementation of “brain-friendly” overarching organizing principle to guarantee that the system optimally support individuals and teams

What are the major themes our clients

call upon us for?


We audit, train, coach and give conferences on three major areas of development for organizations:

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