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Innovative conferences based on neurosciences and specific context.

We deliver customized conferences that perfectly suit your event or strategy, based on our expertise of human functioning.

This occurs that our clients want to offer a conference to their employees or managers for a special event or any unique circumstance. They generally want to have interesting and innovative approaches related to the human behaviour in their specific context. Most of the time they want this moment to be an “eye and mind opener” which they can leverage further in follow up actions. We are also invited by professional groups or clubs that want to foster business and human development altogether.

For example, here is a sample of some recent Neurolead’s conferences:

  • a conference about ‘Positive Leadership’ at Luxembourg by Laure Belin, Patrick Goffart and Thierry Verdoodt
  • a conference on ‘Growth Mindset’ at EPSILON Salon ( Renowned Salon for training and human development in Belgium), by Thierry Verdoodts
  • a conference on ‘Stress and Lawyers’profession’ at Namur’s Bar, by Catherine Lastré
  • a conference on ‘Change and the brain’ at OSER LE CHANGEMENT in BELGIUM, by Catherine Lastré
  • a conference about ‘Brain-based better Decision-Making’ at the Paperjam Club Workshop day in Luxembourg by Patrick Goffart
  • a conference about ‘How to foster a Growth Mindset in our Organizations’ at Paperjam Club in Luxembourg by Patrick Goffart in English and by Jean Sébastien Desjonqueres in French
  • a conference about ‘Positive Leadership: how to drive hearts and minds in 21st century’ at ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association)

Beyond one shot events, on a regular basis our clients ask us to introduce our training programs through conferences advertised in the whole organization as a teaser or as a kick-off.


We take your needs into account and co-create a tailored conference that will add value to your project. Our conferences are appreciated because we bring the science to your people in a pragmatic, humorous, interactive and stimulating way which makes them think further.

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