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Lunch & Learn

Lunch and food for thought with Neurosciences

We animate lunch and learn sessions in your organization, in order to raise awareness, motivate and practice ready to use tools in a short format for busy people

Our clients like us to facilitate Lunch & Learn sessions on very specific subject matter which organization needs to work out for best functioning.

We make lunch and learn session as lively as possible using:

  • Experience-based discoveries related to the topic
  • Exercises or tips and tricks to activate prefrontal cortex driven intelligence
  • Games to make it stick emotionally

In what context do we animate Lunch&Learn sessions?

Generally, organization call upon us to :

  • Use lunch time to review programs we’ve given a few months sooner- this is a very appreciated manner to stay on course and motivated to change habits and mindsets
  • Act as a teaser to introduce a program we will give later with answer and questions on what’s in for them in their particular situation
  • Offer a group activity for a team around their functioning to raise awareness on some specific points
  • Address a very specific target in a “mind opening” way

What subject matter can we work out during a Lunch & Learn session?

For example, we can work on :

  • How a growth mindset influences result positively
  • What is stress exactly
  • What kind of universal motivations can you leverage
  • What is the optimal experience of Flow
  • What is adaptive intelligence and how does it work
  • How to deal with emotions
  • How to increase positive emotions at work
  • What daily habits are good for your brain and why
  • How to reduce our anti-values’ and intolerant reactions
  • How to deliver a constructive feedback when things need to change
  • How to increase effectively recognition at work
  • How to make better decision
  • How to keep my brain fit and performing well
  • Any subject planned or given through our training programs

If you want to know more about our programs and what we can do for you, please contact us

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