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Positive Performance

Neurosciences to improve Positive Performance

We now know performance is directly related to the brain performance curve and how the mind deals with cognitive pressure. Chronic stress will trigger the ‘amigdala hijack’ and your ‘defensive reptilian’ brain while freeze your intelligence. On the other hand reaching the optimal experience of Flow will improve results tremendously. This will occur with good stress management and a perfect level of challenge and mastery. As people say: “Pressure is unavoidable, but stress is optional”.

What is Positive Performance?

Positive Performance is based on scientific evidence that humans improve results when :

  • Their emotions are positive. Positive emotions broaden perceptions, build up personal resources and provide more choices to make better decisions.,
  • They have a Growth Mindset. They are able to learn more and invest more time and energy when things get challenging. They leave their comfort zone more easily, experiment and develop their talents.
  • They manage their stress; they can benefit from short term stress and avoid the pitfalls of chronic stress
  • They adapt better. They are able to switch easily from automatic to adaptive intelligence and therefore think differently. They can leave their certitudes and usual patterns to develop a helicopter view, a curiosity mindset, challenge acceptance, a broader perspective and a more creative reflection to devise possible solutions..
  • They are able to create optimal experiences for themselves and others. In FLOW, you are more focused, efficient, precise and satisfied with what you do. It occurs when you have just enough challenge to be highly stimulated and benefit from pressure, and simultaneously be on motivating tasks. Context, knowledge, training and support will help, as well as mindset, self-awareness and stress management.
  • They are supportive through safe and positive relationships with others
  • They have a fair balance between their responsibilities and their power.

How do we help you to improve Positive Performance in your organization?

Our Team will be able to adapt to your specific goals, for example :

  • Improving sales
  • Implementing more safety at work
  • Improving time management
  • Improving customer care
  • Improving decision making
  • Improving collaboration
  • Improving productivity. Do you know that meta studies demonstrated rigorously that a Positive Leadership delivers an extra 30% on Productivity on average?

Depending on your needs we will design a project

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