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Team building

Experience the transforming impact of our Team Buildings fueled by evidence-based strategies

Our Team Building are arising the best in everyone : motivation, positivity, team spirit. They help teams understand each other and are action plan oriented.

Our clients want to allow their organization to experience something other than outdoor activity games and dinner Team Buildings.

They call on us to:

  • Help them understand and respect each other better
  • Reinforce trust within the team
  • Learn from past experience and build on it
  • Enhance creativity
  • Enhance team spirit
  • Enhance collective intelligence

What are we doing in our Team Buildings to help your teams collaborate with more pleasure and effectiveness?

We always in our Team Buildings:

  • Activate positivity and understanding of past and present experiences; we prepare our contribution very carefully with the team manager to align strategies
  • Allow members of the team to get to know each other better through their values, life experience and personal motivations discovery based on ANC model.
  • Articulate our Team Building on specific development projects to come; we stimulate creativity, respect and decision making through group coaching
  • Foster collective evolution through a brain-friendly Appreciative Inquiry 4D’s process to Discover collective strengths, elaborate a collective Dream & vision, Design the needed architecture, and Decide who’s doing what when to make it happen
  • We punctuate with re-creative activities to help keep high energy and good paced progress during the Team Building
  • We facilitate at the location you choose, on a minimum two-day basis, and our team co-animate bigger groups when demanded by size of team.
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