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5 “brain-friendly tips” for your holidays

Last weekend Belgium has won against Portugal in the European Football Championship. Beyond the pleasure – for a Belgian citizen – of reaching the quarter finals, this event inspires me a tremendous admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo as well as some lessons.

He left the competition with a set of impressive records: with 5 goals so far, he is the best of the 2021 championship at this moment; it is his fifth participation to the EURO with a total of 14 goals, which makes him the number one of all EURO competitions. On top of this, he has matched last week the unrealistic world record of 109 goals in national selection. I could continue to list his outstanding achievements and all the records he has broken, but it is not the point.

The point is that Ronaldo is 36 years old, he is playing as a professional since he is 17 and he is still on top of his game, probably the best in the world. How is it possible to be so good, for so long? And what lessons can we learn from this spectacular career?

Of course, everybody will tell you how professional he is in his dedication to football and in his training discipline, continuously developing and maintaining his body and his skills.

But the best kept secret of Ronaldo is not about training. It is about recovering.

Train hard, recover hard” could be his motto. Find out more about my 5 “brain-friendly tips”.

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