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How to improve results in a brain-friendly way

Our model is pragmatic and allows clients to get the best of the most recent research in Neurosciences. Designed to help people understand how we humans work, it also structures positive steps towards performance and well-being in the organization.

In our model levels interact with one-another, leveraging or draining each others and providing you with multiple ways to influence behaviors positively

1. To get results

To get better results, the most appropriate is to act upon the root causes of behaviours.

Our approach allows to manage mindsets, emotions and motivations driving behaviours on a brain friendly basis to reach performance and well-being in the organization.

2. To take good decisions

The performance of an organization depends more and more on the reactivity, creativity, collaboration and the capacity of making good decisions.

The prefrontal cortex is the brain area that supports
those abilities. We help people to develop the awareness and capacity to choose their mindset. They will develop this part of the brain to cope with complexity and change and take the good decisions. People will spontaneously develop the right mindset to get pleasure, performance and results in a complex environment.


The biggest source of disengagement in an organization is when there is an imbalance between Power to act and Responsibility.

We help you set up a functional organization where everyone at each level ensures the balance between «responsibility» and «power» for more autonomy, initiative and creativity.


Thanks to the Neuroscience, you will understand how the brain works and how to act in a brainfriendly way to bring the sustainable changes needed to reach your objectives.

If we keep in mind that Growth Mindset creates new neural connections, we may act in a more specifi c and more
efficient way to allow ourselves and other to reinforce the appropriate connections that give unlimited perspectives for evolution…


When you communicate, you activate in the brain of your interlocutor, either the Pain Network or the Reward Network with 2 totally opposite effects: defensive reaction versus engagement.

Thanks to our SAMENESS® Model, we help you activate the levers of the Reward Network to get the best of your
teams and motivate them in a sustainable way. This model develops trust and psychological safety, the 1st conditions to create performant organizations.


Pleasure and positive emotions make us smarter. On the other hand, chronic stress will trigger ‘reptilian’ brain while inhibiting our intelligence.

Pleasure is not just a question of well-being but is a real business case for the performance of an organization. We help managers and teams to cultivate positive emotions. They will get out of the stress and be solution oriented.

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