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Performance and motivation with the best of Neurosciences

Our mission is to enhance performance, engagement and well-being by helping organizations understand and manage mindsets, emotions and motivations driving behaviours

We accompany organizations, groups, and individuals to create a better work experience for all stakeholders. Our contribution is fuelled by evidence-based scientific knowledge, efficient tools and practices for our brain performance as individuals or groups.

This is crucial in our ever-changing world to understand what underlies and drives results and behaviours, and to be empowered to act on them in a “brain-friendly” manner.

Management implies dealing with humans, and leadership and efficiency is proving to be a challenge for team leaders as well as for every worker.

Flourishing organizations are those providing SAMENESS® :

  • Psychological Safety
  • Autonomy and responsibility
  • Mastery of skills and knowledge
  • The Essences of individual and collective motivation
  • Networking – collaboration DNA
  • Equity and fairness
  • Status recognition and appreciation
  • A Sense of purpose and meaning

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