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Pressure, Stress and Burn out

Neuroscience to manage better stress and develop positive performance

Pressure, stress and burnout

Pressure is mandatory, stress is optional

Neuroscience demonstrates that acute or chronic stress levels of teams or organizations de facto destroy performance (intelligence, collaboration, creativity, all plummet).

The objective is to meet challenges and develop one’s skills by managing pressure and requirements, while reducing the negative stress that becomes harmful when too intense or chronic.

Also, the goal is not to avoid positive stress, but to better manage it.

Our solutions for better stress management :

Mindset assessment

Diagnosing stressors and stressability in your organization



Support for burnees

Diagnosis and tailor-made support for burnees



Your benefits

  • More self control and emotional intelligence
  • More joy and enthusiasm when facing challenges
  • Maximum FLOW experiences, turning pressure into self-development
  • Better performance and results
  • Less absenteeism and turn over, and better talent retention

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