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Diagnosis & Solutions

The most effective actions are those that meet needs and expectations

NeuroLead can help you by delivering personal as well as organisational assessments with evidence-based questionnaires

Personal assessments

Mindset assessment

360° Positive Leadership assessment

  • Receiving constructive feedback from N+1, N-1 and peers
  • Assessing dimensions such as expected values, attitudes and behaviors
  • Supporting a personal leadership development plan
Mindset assessment

Personality Profile
(Profile INC)

  • Identifying resilient intrinsic motivations and fragile conditioned motivations
  • Discovering red buttons that can stress one out
  • Assessing level of adaptative intelligence
Mindset assessment

Burn Out assessment

  • Anticipating burn out risk factors
  • Measuring
    the burn out level
  • Identifying the stressors at the origin of exhaustion and the existing resources to regain energy

Organizational assessments

Thanks to our partnership with Balencio, we offer you a wide range of questionnaires to measure the risks and opportunities related to the daily management of your employees.

The Human Capital Global Risk Analysis will give you a complete view of the risks and opportunities related to your human capital. The 7 other questionnaires allow you to zoom in on a specific theme according to your needs.

Organizational assessments

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