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Workshops & Teambuildings

Experience the transforming impact of our Teambuildings and Workshops fueled by evidence-based strategies

When you need to reach a specific goal or tackle a specific issue, Workshops & Teambuildings are the solution you need.

Workshops and teambuildings
Workshops oriented towards “doing” concrete actions serving your goal
Mindset assessment
Brain-friendly Appreciative Inquiry or Co-development Approaches
Mindset assessment
Stimulating the best in everyone with pleasure with intelligence

Some topics proposed

  • Develop positive communication
  • Improve performance reviews and develop “sit & talk” progress sessions
  • Deliver a constructive feedback
  • Leverage the power of recognition
  • Develop a Growth Mindset culture
  • Develop my self-control and keep cool under pressure
  • Reduce stress in others
  • Deal with dominance & submission
  • Ensure psychological safety
  • Engage people more
  • Understand and trigger people’s motivations
  • Deal with conflicts and aggressiveness
  • Live Positive Leadership through dancing

Do you want a tailor-made workshop/teambuilding adapted to your specific needs ?

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