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Positive Leadership

Neuroscience for Positive Leadership and flourishing organizations

Positive leadership

Directive ‘top down’ leadership is not effective any more in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of the 21st century.

Flourishing organizations are those where people become more and more adaptive in our complex environment while keeping the highest level of motivation to deliver great results. To achieve this outcome there is a way: Positive Leadership.

Positive Leadership aims to create a modern leadership culture that stimulates optimal individual & team behaviors, by integrating all dimensions of mindset, emotions, motivation, communication and systemic.

Neurolead offers you a long-term support process, integrated into the life of the company, that will evolve daily behaviors in a sustainable way in to support your mission.

Our Positive Leadership model supports the 5 core missions of a leader

Neurolead helps you developing Positive Leadership

Mindset assessment

Leadership assessment


Leadership training programs

Develop and engage collaborators

Field Support



Self development plan

Self development plan

Workshops and teambuildings

Workshops & Teambuildings

Your benefits

  • A modern leadership adapted to 21st challenges
  • A Positive Leadership culture common to all your managers
  • More collaboration, engagement, intelligence, autonomy and empowerment
  • Long term impacts and best practices, through a combination of training/learning, coaching and on the floor follow up
  • Multiplier’s Leaders who coach and develop your people

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