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Our dream for flourishing organizations

All began when Patrick Goffart and Thierry Verdoodt met and began to dream together. Their long and practical experience in organizations, their concern with well-being and performance as well as their wish to work through organization’s impact on society has been their motivation all along the way. Driven by the same spirit, Laure Belin joined them soon after to grow NeuroLead further in Luxembourg.

What is the best we can we bring into the organization world?

In February 2011, Patrick and Thierry had lunch together and began to dream. Since then, they have always wanted “things to be better” in organizations, in Corporations, in NGOs, and in the public or private sectors.

Their dream took root in their long and practical experience. Thierry, as an emergency doctor in war areas and in Belgium and then, as a behavioural management trainer, has always been concerned with healing the deeper causes of men and women’s suffering. Patrick, as executive manager in banks first and then in a hospital, has endeavoured to develop a more positive, effective and human style of leadership. They think that organizations are the gravity center of our economy and societies.

They dreamt of organizations where people would be eager to give their best to achieve a meaningful and collective goal, and where everyone could be happy and develop themselves without being stressed by the organization.

They dreamt that what is true for the brain and proven by Neurosciences would be understood and practiced within organizations. Performance and well-being would then be reconciled for effective and sustainable organization and be respectful of humans that comprise them.

They dreamt of organizations where every human could fully contribute to common goals because they have understood their own and others’ behaviours, mindsets, emotions and motivations, and because management would be based on a Positive Leadership that would respect and enhance this knowledge on a practical basis.

Neurolead’s birth

Two men shaking hands and starting a new company, a woman joining the band soon after and now a large team of motivated and engaged people who help organizations flourish.
After their lunch they decided to start a new company, they quit their jobs and gave birth to their dream in April 2011. Quickly they helped their first clients to manage what is the more complex in organizations: human behaviour and their deep causes, mindsets, emotions and motivations.

In November 2014, Laure Belin joined them to create Neurolead Luxemburg as they had more and more activity in this country. Laure also has long-lasting experience as an HR manager and general director in various international organizations, and has been a very inspiring, active and passionate contributor to the dream.

Since then, we have been growing regularly and steadily like a neuronal network…
We are now a large team of experts who help you to positively manage human complexity.
We are active in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Our team

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