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In these challenging time, we more than ever need to take care of our mental health as well as of our team. Patrick Goffart shared some key factors in Planet Business magazine.

Here are 3 take aways:

  1. Brain-friendly means leveraging optimally core brain rules. For instance, developing your emotional intelligence by understanding, what an emotion is and what it is used for can help you manage it for the better. Indeed, studies haves shown that about 60% of an individual’s performance comes from this type of intelligence.
  2. Manage the 4 root causes of our behaviors: the way we think, our emotions that condition our thoughts,the motivations that fuel the emotions, and the physiological balances that underpin it all.
  3. Nurture the informal at least as much as the formal. You also need to check in with your employees at least once a week, taking an empathetic interest in the person.

The first duty of a leader is to connect, collaborate, create links which is highly recommended in the current situation.

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