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After successfully completing a positive leadership training program within PWC’s IFS department, the question arose: how can we create a true Growth Mindset culture over time to support PWC in all its change initiatives?

This is where we jointly decided to go one step further and, for the very first time, we created a team of PWC Growth Mindset experts,  intended to take over this program internally. We trained them intensively in the key concepts of the Neurolead approach and in pedagogy so that they in turn could train their colleagues and thus ensure that Growth Mindset is sustained over time and on a daily basis within PWC.

A second team of experts will be formed by the end of the year to have even more impact.

Congratulations to these experts for their enthusiasm and commitment and above all thank you for your trust!
This partnership makes us proud because it responds to our core mission: to create more human, more efficient and more intelligent organizations thanks to the best of neuroscience!

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